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At A Better Day Dental, we lead by example, inspiring patients to Trust and partner with us through the Journey of life. We deliver exceptional, comprehensive dental solutions with passionate service and purpose. We strengthen genuine relationships,impacting beyond your dental appointment.

A Better Day Dental

Our team is unrivaled in delivering outstanding customer service with Enthusiasm and Joy. We are Ambassadors of Hope and Health. Each of us come energetic, prepared, and committed to making a positive impact both on our patients and our practice.


Our patients enjoy the environment we create: a place of exceptional, tender-loving Care and Fun. They value our expertise and time. They share the story of their smile by referring their family and friends to join with us.


A Better Day Dental serves to better YOUR life by sharing our skills so you can share your smile!

Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to A Better Day Dental, Your Dentist in Newnan, GA

Looking for comfortable, confident and convenient care from dentists in Newnan? You’ve come to the right place. From the minute you walk into our office you will notice a difference at A Better Day Dental. We care about you, your family and your friends, and we’re here to help you achieve your healthiest, brightest smile.

At A Better Day Dental we know every person’s dental needs are unique. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of treatment options in a comfortable, convenient atmosphere. We’re confident we can provide superior dental care that no other dentist in Newnan can offer.

We specialize in improving smiles. You can learn more about our smile-enhancing services on our website, including:

We’ve developed this informational website as an extension of our practice, to serve as a convenient, educational resource for our patients. With just a few clicks, you can find helpful information about our services, credentials and office policies. You can also easily access patient forms or request an appointment with our Newnan dentist.

Discover a new dental experience at A Better Day Dental! We look forward to caring for you and your family’s dental needs.

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  • Dr.
    Hugh Smaltz

    Dr. Hugh Smaltz attended Murray State University for his undergraduate studies in Chemistry and Mathematics. He completed his graduate studies at The University of Louisville, where he received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) in 1989. 

  • Dr.
    Brenda Barrow Smaltz

    Dr. Brenda Barrow Smaltz is from Fort Pierce, Florida. She attended Stetson University, where she played on the women's volleyball team while studying Biology. She later graduated from the University of Florida with her B.A, and in 1987 she was awarded her Doctorate of Dental Surgery(DDS) from Emory University. 


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hugh Smaltz and all of the staff at A Better Day Dental. They provide personal service par excellence. While there are many services provided by this office, there is no pressure for anything other than your well-being, unlike many of the corporate dentistry offices. My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Smaltz for many years now and he, along with all of the sweet ladies on staff, are consistently efficient and caring. A Better Day Dental comes highly recommended!"
    — LeRoy C.
  • "My entire family--children included--loves loves loves this place, one of my relatives drives an hour away to come here! We love the awesome staff and the magnificent dentist!!"
    — T H
  • "I can not give them enough stars! I was diagnosed with cancer and needed immediate dental work and they did everything they could to accommodate me. Arlene, Jana, and Dr. Smaltz took a huge weight off my shoulder. I have found my dentist."
    — Jason A.
  • "Amazing practice! Highly recommend for anyone looking for a new dentist. The staff are incredibly personable and always remover details about me: my name, details about my school and Career. Dr. Smaltz really cares and works his hardest to make sure everything is okay. Again this pace is amazing anyone looking for a great dentist should go here!"
    — Jessica W.
  • "I just had my first visit this week. The office was very clean and nice. Their technology was very up to date. The front office staff were very friendly and welcoming. The hygienist was very friendly and gentle with my cleaning. The dentist was very nice and friendly. He was also very gentle and careful. If you are new to the area and looking for a dentist, I highly recommend them! I actually look forward to my next cleaning now!"
    — M.
  • "I have been coming to A Better Day Dental for over 10 years! I love the staff so much! Everyone is always so polite and they take great care of me! I saw a new hygienist last week, her name was Hayden and she was PHENOMENAL!"
    — Kelly T.
  • "My daughter and I love this place. Finding a good dentist is hard and when I moved to Newnan two years ago I searched high and low for the right place. I found A Better Day Dental by chance and read all the great reviews which made my decision to try them out that much easier. Since day one, everyone there has been amazing. They are a great group of people and have become part of our family. I would suggest this dentist to anyone who has any sorts of hesitations. Dr. Smaltz and all the girls will make you feel comfortable and at ease."
    — Dana Z.
  • "I always leave A Better Day Dental with very clean teeth and feeling happy about my care. Every office visit feels more like a visit to a friends house. I love these folks!"
    — John S.
  • "LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone here. We have been going to ABD since my daughter was born--she’s almost 6 now, and we’ve since moved over an hour away, we still make the drive every time because we can’t imagine going anywhere else. The staff really makes you feel like family and Doctor Hugh (or as our daughter calls him, Doctor Who) is hilarious. You never feel rushed or unimportant, even when you can tell they are super busy. Everyone is important to them."
    — Shannon K.
  • "When you seek out a medical professional, the assumption is that they are competent in their trade. Unfortunately, the same isn't always true of their staff. In the case of a Better Day Dental, the staff doesn't just meet the industry standard, they exceed it. To a person, everyone in the office is cheerful, helpful, and professional. if you're looking for the 'complete package' in dental care, I'd suggest taking a good look at A Better Day Dental."
    — Stephen J.
  • "Great!! Just great!! Dr. Smaltz and staff are exceptionally caring, kind, professional, and understanding. “A Better Day Dental “ is the right place to be for all your dental needs!!"
    — Kimberly O.
  • "Every single staff member is friendly and super welcoming. They listen to your questions and actually seem happy to see you walk in the door. As much as people dread the dentist, the staff here makes the visit much easier!"
    — Janine J.
  • "Dr. Hugh and staff at A Better Day Dental have treated me for many years now. They are some of the nicest people on the planet. I hope your experiences are as good as mine. Thank you."
    — Mary A.
  • "5 stars indeed! The staff and dentist are all so friendly and very professional! I never thought I would look forward to going to the dentist, but I do now! Highly recommend!"
    — Tammy B.
  • "Excellent Dentist Excellent Hygienist. I had Salem as my Hygienist and she was very professional and friendly! Dr. Smaltz was great too showing concern regarding my grinding with my teeth. If you're looking for a new dental practice, I highly recommend them as they both were awesome!"
    — Marcy R.
  • "Best dentist I have ever gone to."
    — Renee D.
  • "Great first experience! We felt so welcomed the moment we walked in. The entire staff is incredibly friendly and the cleaning was gentle and painless."
    — Amanda T.
  • "This was by far the most pleasant dentist experience I have ever had! Everyone that works here is so nice it's ridiculous!"
    — Lisa G.
  • "Awesome staff! Highly recommend for a beautiful smile."
    — Stephanie W.
  • "I just had my teeth cleaned here and my wife went the other week. The staff is outstanding, the environment is comfortable, and they do everything in their ability to make your visit as good as it can be. The work they did was good and delicate. I am glad we found them and highly recommend them."
    — Stephen V.
  • "So nice and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!"
    — Alley M.
  • "Awesome!!! The staff is always friendly and helpful!"
    — Jessica W.

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